What is Upswap?

UpSwap is a unique trading site where you can swap the current item for something bigger or better. The owner is looking to raise money to start a new business – one swap at a time!

The Story behind Upswap?

Jade Sanders owned and ran a popular leisure company, but business was hit hard by the Coronvirus outbreak. Just like most other firms in the hospitality industry, bookings completely stopped and the company sadly folded.

Jade was devastated. She has ploughed everything into the business and grown it from a small start-up to a Nationwide company. The crash was completely unexpected and she knew the travel sector was never going to be the same.

Not one to give in easily, Jade began to look for innovative ways to raise funds to help start a new business. It was then that she remembered One Red Paperclip by Kyle MacDonald. This is the story of a guy who bartered his way from a single red Paperclip to a House in a series of fourteen online trades over a year.

That’s right, he transformed his Paperclip into a House!

The idea comes from the childhood game Bigger and Better, which is a team building activity where groups compete by trading ordinary objects with strangers. The winner is the team that ends up with the biggest and best items before the time expires.

Jade wondered. Could this work for her too? Could she take a small object and turn it into something valuable by doing swaps with strangers? Could she trade enough to start her new business?

She excitedly rummaged through her belongings looking for inspiration. She then discovered she had two copies of Shaun of the Dead. What an amazing movie, and given the grim situation, it seemed the perfect starting point for this new venture. The excitement started to build…

And so UpSwap began…

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